Pre Fab Buildings

Pre Fab Buildings

No other type of building offers the versatility, economy and durability of pre fab buildings. If you are looking for a small building for storage, workshop or garage, or if you need a large building for commercial or industrial use, pre fab buildings are the best choice.

The great design flexibility of pre fab buildings is unmatched Each building is designed and manufactured for that specific project. Clear span building frames can span the full width of most buildings, offering unobstructed use of the whole floor space. Height and width are no problems either. You can place framed openings of virtually any size just about anywhere in the building, and adding windows or passage doors are simple. The frame structure can also be designed to allow for a more conventional facade on exterior walls if you want a different look to your building.

Pre fab buildings are also very economical compared to other methods of construction. The cost to construct pre fab buildings is low, largely because site prep and erection of quality pre fab buildings are simple and quick. And your pre fab buildings will weather harsh conditions and heavy use for many years with very low maintenance. The metal sheeting on pre fab buildings usually carries finish warranties of 30 or more years, and the structures themselves are designed to hold up against high wind and snow loads. Your steel building will likely last a lifetime and then some, and save you money over the life of the building.

If you are entertaining a building project, look closely at the idea of pre fab buildings. Your best value, durability, flexibility and ease of construction will come with a pre fab metal building. To get a quick, no-hassle quote for your project, call Rapidset Metal Buildings today or go online and design your own building on our free PWS system. You will get a price quote and drawings for your building immediately. No high pressure sales and no waiting for a return email. See for yourself why Rapidset customers say,

“Come for the price, stay for the service”